How office branding can and should display a company's core values and mission


Long gone are the days of stale 80s office fit-outs, with no natural light or greenery, and, no atmosphere or infusion of the company you are actually working for. Working in an office today often reflects the company's core values and mission through decor, and when searching for a job, many people actually consider the environment they will be surrounding themselves in, not just the job description itself.

Beyond all this, staff who share the same values as their employers tend to feel more comfortable in their work environment, allowing them to be more relaxed and inspired to attack their to-do list. So, how does an office successfully reflect its core values and mission into the branding, and how do you know if it aligns with yours as an employee?

  1. Aesthetics

 Think about how the office space feels in comparison to the brand. Does it reflect its sense of personality and goals? Are the colours the same throughout; do the walls, tables and common areas fill the space with positive vibes or evoke a sense of inspiration?

No matter what kind of company you work for, an office space should feel like the values are being portrayed within, reflecting pride and passion when you look around. Be it attractive plants, splashes of colour here and there or a place to relax when you need it most – all of these aesthetics say a lot about the company you’re working for.

  1. Location

Placing your workplace in the most central of environments is hard, especially if your geographical location isn’t exactly the most bustling. If you have the ability to, try including your staff in the decision-making process about where you’d like to move the office to. This will help them relay any challenges or concerns, and may even highlight any gaps with alignments to branding that you may have missed.

If physical location isn’t leaving you with much of a choice, make sure you have plenty of space within your office for staff to let their hair down and relax on their break. In other cases, even adding little details like table tennis or vending machines can go along way with increasing morale.

  1. Celebrate your achievements

The achievements of your organisation, both internally externally, should be displayed around your office – no matter how big or small. This adds a sense of ownership and pride in your work as a team.

Don’t be afraid to flaunt your values around the office, too – this can happen in many ways other than just a poster on the wall. Take keywords that have an impact on the core competencies of your business, and hang them around the office, reminding those within the space of common goals.

No matter what your future looks like as a company, or what you believe your goals to be, office branding is at the pinnacle of staff-related success. Allow your teams to feel pride and included in your journey as a brand, and you’ll reap the benefits of an inspired, productive workforce overall. Businesses that instil the core values and competencies not only in their external marketing but internally are far more likely to develop a confident brand that hits the market successfully.