Top 5 ways to drive attention to your store


With the rise of e-commerce making a physical purchase is becoming rarer. As such, physical stores need to carefully consider their target market when designing the exterior of their stores.


Think about how you shop. What draws you into a store you’ve never visited before? Communicating a clear expression of your brand via the exterior of your store will provide an informative and inviting experience for your potential customers.


These are our picks for the top 5 ways to drive attention to your store.


Banners & signage

Banners and signage are one of the oldest school forms of marketing. However, think about them from the consumer angle. Well-planned signage is an informative and creative way to show off your store’s personality to potential customers.


Whether it’s a fashion boutique for middle-aged women or a sports store aimed at busy parents, effective signage can set your company apart and drive customers through the doors, rather than usher them past.


More crucially, signage can communicate what you’re selling in a creative and on-brand way.


Window Displays

Banners & signage are all well and good, but when they’re used alongside engaging window displays potential customers are exposed to two points of interest before they even enter the store.


Creative window displays are both aesthetically pleasing and showcase your products. For example, look at the window displays of boutique gift shops. Generally, their wares are presented creatively and effectively.


To replicate this effect, space your products on different levels. This ensures the consumer’s eye is drawn around the window and offers plenty of visual interest. Also, don’t be afraid of negative space – especially if you have a lot of smaller items – this will give the consumer’s eye a break and allow them to focus in on individual products.


Up the Curb Appeal Factor

I want you to grab a notebook and pen, walk through the doors of your store, cross the road and look back at your store. What do you see? Any paint chips that could be touched up? Or graffiti? Cracked concrete maybe? Unless your store is deliberately aiming for a grungy vibe (hello, hipster record stores) there are usually quick, DIY fixes that can give it a more polished curb appeal to make it look more desirable to potential customers.


Get cleaning

Following on from the last tip, no matter how great your DIY paint job is, it can be an instant turn-off if the frames of your doors and windows are covered with grime. The door acts as a portal into your store. As such it should be in pristine condition. Similarly, keep your windows clean and smudge-free to allow your products to shine.


External product displays

Like window displays, external product displays are a great way to show off your wares. The added bonus here is that the potential customer gets to interact directly with the product – flick through the pages of that book, feel the softness of that winter jumper, smell that vanilla and fig candle. You can create a multi-sensory experience, all without the pressure of a salesperson looking over your customer’s shoulder.