Why banners and signage are great for brand personality


We all interact with brands in a deeply personal way. Think about the tension between Apple and PC aficionados, Holden versus Ford lovers, Coke versus Pepsi drinkers – we’ve all met people who are dyed-in-the-wool product advocates who are happy to defend their favourite brands to the hilt.


Building a strong brand personality is crucial for growing your business. It’s the sum total of the emotions, thoughts and behavioural patterns that are consistently unique to your brand over time. It helps your customers identify with your business, distinguishes you from your competitors and makes it more memorable, so they keep coming back when they need your services again.


Signage and banners are the perfect vehicles for building your brand personality. Every sign has the potential to encourage brand loyalty and so boost your business future, whether it’s as functional as wayfinding instructions or as large-scale as hoarding advertisements.


In fact, the visual content in your signs and banners is one of the most useful tools in your

marketing arsenal. Psychologically, people relate far more powerfully to personality-filled signs:


  • Coloured visuals increase people’s desire to read a sign by 80 per cent 
  • Adding images to your banners increases view rate by 94 per cent
  • Images produce 180 per cent more customer engagement 
  • Emotionally attractive signs are 50 per cent more influential than content when it comes to buying decisions.


According to psychological studies, we love brands because:


  • We engage in emotional decision-making. Emotions are at the heart of our brand choices, suggest the latest functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of consumer brains. These show that when we evaluate brands, we primarily use feelings and personal experiences over brand attributes and features. Positive emotions toward a brand also have a more significant influence on consumer loyalty.
  • Brands help us construct our identities, which is often why businesses with strong, memorable brand personalities are so popular. A great example of this is Apple’s early Mac Guy (groovy, likeable dude in a cardigan and sneakers) and PC Guy (suited, balding and unattractive pen pusher) ads – by appealing to a hip audience, Apple was able to capture a significant sector of the emerging youth market.
  • Social identity drives us. Similarly, we feel a greater connection to others who use the same products as we do because building a successful personal identity also involves defining ourselves based on others in our social group. This may be why social influencers are now proving so powerful in the marketing world.


You can use these psychological marketing tricks to create signs and banners that boost your brand personality – here are three ways how to do it:


  1. Market 24/7. A well-crafted sign is working hard even as you sleep – marketing to potential buyers around the clock. It can alert people to your presence by letting them know what you do instantaneously, and that's why it needs to be a perfect reflection of your brand values.
  2. Attract new customers. Does your signage encourage people to walk through the door and use your business? By understanding and targeting your ideal customer’s social identity in your banners and signs, you can attract more like-minded buyers to your business.
  3. Build stronger brand memories. Images, colours and patterns stick in your customer’s mind far longer than words. Eye-catching banners that use your business logo and colours to great effect will excite your customer’s senses, enhance engagement and aid recall – so they’re more likely to buy from you again and recommend your products to their friends.